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MAS snc
di Moretti Antonio e Zanon Massimo

via dell'Artigianato, 21
Tel. +39 049 936.04.41
Tel./Fax +39 049 556.41.84
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The MAS snc plans and constructs to steam generators to tubes of water and tubes from small smoke and average potentiality.
Beyond to the experience of many years matured in the field of the planning and construction of vapor boilers (in the workshops BOLDRIN in Padova), the company renews in the time, improving the own products, taking advantage itself of learned how much on the field in several the fields in which the vapor it is employed and that they space from the industry you weave them to that chemistry, from the lattiero-caseario to the agricultural and food- one, to the confectionery one.
The experience in the system manufacturer, I use it of materials and accessories of the best Marches, let alone a continuous tecniconormativo modernization, quality guarantee is for the final customer one.
The certification of the final product is carefully screened and certified by ISPESL (organism notified and credited at European level), both with regard to goods for the European Community and for the non-Member States and in 2007 the company has reached ISO 9001 for the design, construction and repair of steam boilers.
Great cure is placed to the standardization of the operations planned for the realization of the finished product, with intermediate controls certifys from companies leader to you in the tests not destroyed to you to guarantee of the knit splices.
Partner external collaborates with we to the realization of the finish parts (chassis, box-shielded, sheets) by means of cut laser cnc, or to the mechanical particular production through job centers cnc.
Taking advantage itself of external collaborators, concurs with the company a such flexibility from being able to also increase the production to second of the demand for market continuing to supply seen quality the own artisan vocation.
We are in a position to satisfying the final customer with adequate technical support that not firm to the single product, but that spaces on all the system one that the installation of a steam generator needs.

Dealt merceologiche categories:
Vapor boilers; Steam generators electrical workers; food industry and conserviera; chemical and galvanic industry; lavanderie, stirerie and dry-cleaning machine; system manufacturer (accessories).

MAS snc - generatori di vapore

MAS snc - caldaie a vapore

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