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Steam generator, horizontal semifixed type to tubes from smoke to three turns, suit of dome, pressurized, type STF 0

Generatori di vapore mod. STF 0


  • Tubes slabs broadsides are towards the hearth that towards the plating, reached or joints of expansion on the hearth; with these constructive characteristics the various expansions of the hearth and the plating come absorbed from the parts curves and they do not weigh on on the weldings or the flat parts of slabs to tubiere with consequent crack of fatigue of the material.

  • Bordered tubes, weldings are avoided therefore on slabs and therefore a hardening of the material; the possibility of an easy extraction of the tubes bundle is had moreover, if this became necessary after several operation years

  • Wide combustion chamber and low thermal cargos (1.000.000 - 1.200.000 Kcal/m│h) so as to not to subject the body boiler to temperature stresses that limit the duration of the same one.

  • Combustion pressurized with values in combustion chamber that vary from a minimum of 30 milimeter of 100 HO to one max of milimeter of HO to second of the types of boiler, fuel and cargo.

  • Combustion efficiency 90¸92%.

  • Losses for lessened radiation reduced (2-3%) for the use of non-conductor materials are on the plating that on smokeboxes (the fiber glass, refractory ceramic fiber, pastes, insulators briks) of remarkable effectiveness.

  • Possibility of several fuel employment: gas methane and others, diesel oil, fuel oil.

  • Contained specific production (35 Kg/h), width room and vapor dome avoid tumultuous vaporizations and allow one vapor production much dry ground (title it of vapor 0,97); remarkable a specific ability (approximately 2 lt/Kg vapor) concurs accumulates of such vapor to avoid lowerings of pressure during the demands for tip.

  • The generator comes supplied in the version monoblock, suit of taps of best houses (KSB, BONT, KLINGER) electric pump of feeding-injector-regolator of level to floater (attack and detaches electic pump of feeding, block burner to level minimal) - probe block burner to the minimal level with manual rearmament pressure switch of block with rearmament operation-picture handbook-pressure switches electrical worker control with connections to the several equipment.

  • Upon request the combustion system can be supplied.

  • In the generating saying planning it has been attempted to render elementary is the use that the maintenance, equipping it of simple but at the same time reliable equipment.

  • Smokeboxes are easy removable and they are equipped of revolving arms, for being able to render the hearth and the tubes bundle for cleaning, the tests and eventual extraordinary reviews after operation years visible.



Generatori di vapore mod. STF 0 - schema 1


1. Burner
2. Electric control board
3. Electic pump of feeding
4. Level control
5. Burner stop electronic probe
6. Pressure switch
7. Pressure switch stop
8. Injector
9. Safety valve 
10. Valve of feeding
11. Discharge valves
12. Level indicator
13. Manometer
14. Pump filter
15. Vertical valve of containment
16. Tap interception injector
17. Valve drainage level regolator
18. Valve of interception vapor injector
19. Valve secondary vapor
20. Valve of containment
21. Valve main vapor
22. Door antiexplosion and inspection

MAS snc reserves the right to make any modification considered necessary without notice.



STF 10 STF 14 STF 17 STF 21 STF 30 STF 40 STF 45 STF 60
Mass (Kg) - - - - - - - -
Length (milimeter) 3000 3800 4300 4450 4900 5500 5700 6500
Width (milimeter) 1500/1750 1800 1900 2110 2300 2400 2500 2610
Height (milimeter)/with accessories 1750/2000 1700 1850 2000 2300 2400 2500 2600
Heated surface (mq) 25 40 50 60 85 115 135 175
Pressure of brand (bar) 10>15 10>15 10>15 10>15 10>15 10>15 10>15 10>15
Vapor production (Kg/h) 1000 1400 1750 2100 3000 4000 4500 6000
Pushed regimen (Kg/h) 1200 1600 2000 2400 3400 4600 5400 7000
ě connection smoke (mm) 350 350 400 400 400 - - -



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